flat surfers

This is the homepage for a reading group I organize on flat surfaces, moduli spaces, and billiards.

All meetings this semester will happen on Mondays at 4 p.m. Eastern time (feel free to arrive early to say hi!). We’ll use the Zoom meeting ID 993 7044 2086; the password is what you call a locus of abelian differentials with fixed orders of zeroes (no caps, ends with m).

If you have any questions or want to get on the mailing list, send me an email.

Fall 2020

October 12

Minimality of interval exchange transformations with restrictions
by Ivan Dynnikov & Alexandra Skripchenko

Organized by Dami Lee & Christopher Zhang

November 2

Everything is illuminated
by Samuel Lelièvre, Thierry Monteil, & Barak Weiss

Organized by Slade Sanderson and Yongquan Zhang

November 23

Horocycle flow orbits and lattice surface characterizations
by Jon Chaika & Kathryn Lindsey

Organized by Tina Torkaman and Karl Winsor

December 14

Teichmüller dynamics and unique ergodicity via currents and Hodge theory
by Curt McMullen

Organized by Aaron Calderon

Summer 2020

July 1

Another Veech Triangle
by Pat Hooper
(arXiv) (journal)

Organized by Sam Fairchild & Bradley Zykoski

July 22

Affine diffeomorphism groups are undistorted
by Robert Tang

Organized by Sunrose Shrestha & Andrea Thevis

August 12

Thick-thin decomposition for quadratic differentials
by Kasra Rafi

Organized by Francisco Arana-Herrera & Luke Jeffreys

September 2

Isoresidual fibration and hyperplane arrangements
by Quentin Gendron & Guillaume Tahar

Organized by Aaron Calderon