I am interested in the interplay between geometry, topology and group theory, which puts me somewhere in the nexus of geometric group theory, geometric topology, and low-dimensional topology. I am particularly interested in mapping class groups, Teichmüller geometry, and flat surfaces.


papers and preprints:
  1. Nonregularity of bounce languages.
    In preparation.
  2. How to hear the shape of a billiard table.

    (with S. Coles, D. Davis, J. Lanier and A. Oliveira)

  3. Generalized bipyramids and hyperbolic volume of alternating tiling links.

    (with C. Adams and N. Mayer)
    Submitted. arXiv:1709.00432

  4. Volume and determinant densities of hyperbolic rational links.

    (with C. Adams, X. Jiang, A. Kastner, G. Kehne, N. Mayer and M. Smith)
    J. Knot Theory and its Ramifications 26 (2017), No. 1 1750002. arXiv:1510.06050

  5. Conjugacy geodesics of Coxeter groups.
     (with S. Hermiller, T. Susse) Senior Thesis.
selected talks:
  1. Tufts Geometric Group Theory and Topology Seminar. February 2017
  2. Topology Students Workshop, Georgia Inst. of Tech. June 2016
  3. AMS Sectional Meeting Special Session: “Topological and Smooth Dynamics”, N. Dakota St. Univ. April 2016
  4. Univ. of Nebraska Groups, Semigroups and Topology Seminar. October 2015
  5. Univ. of Nebraska Groups, Semigroups and Topology Seminar. December 2014
  6. William Jewell College KME Invited Address. November 2014

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