I am not teaching this quarter.


I have mentored a number of undergraduate research projects through Yale’s SUMRY program.

SUMRY 2021

Summer 2021, I led a project on cylinder configurations on translation surfaces with Juliet Aygun, Janet Barkdoll, Jenavie Lorman, and Theodore Sandstrom. The paper is currently in preparation.

SUMRY 2019
SUMRY 2019

I have also co-mentored two projects with Ian Adelstein.

Summer 2019:
Krish Desai, Anthony Ji, and Grace Zdeblick. “Oblivious points on translation surfaces” (paper)

Summer 2018:
Arthur Azvolinsky, Josh Hinman, and Alex Schlesinger. “Minimizing geodesics on doubled polygons” (paper)


I am also a regular mentor for the Yale DRP. I have led projects on the following topics with the following people:

  • Rational points on elliptic curves (Fall 2021)
    Ben Foxman, Max Kong, and Izzi Trindade
  • Lie groups and homogeneous spaces (Spring 2021)
    Ines Chung-Halpern, Jeffrey Ma, and Theo Sandstrom
  • Braid groups (Spring 2020)
    Quinn Crawford, Dawit Mengesha, Rajiv Nelakanti, and Akiva Weinberger
  • Riemann surfaces and dessins d’enfants (Spring 2019)
    Alex Cohen and Zach Effman
  • An introduction to geometric group theory (Fall 2018)
    Jack Brownrigg and Sonali Durham