This fall, I am teaching Math 120 (multivariable calculus). At least right now, all relevant materials (and Zoom links) are on the Canvas site.

My office hours are Wednesdays 5–6 p.m., and Fridays 2–3 p.m. (all times Eastern). Zoom links can be found on the section-specific Canvas page.


SUMRY 2019
A picture of the SUMRY 2019 group.

Together with Ian Adelstein, I have co-mentored multiple undergraduate research projects through Yale’s SUMRY program.

Summer 2019:
Group members: Krish Desai, Anthony Ji, and Grace Zdeblick
Project: Oblivious points on translation surfaces (paper)

Summer 2018:
Group members: Arthur Azvolinsky, Josh Hinman, and Alex Schlesinger
Project: Minimizing geodesics on doubled polygons (paper)


I am also a regular mentor for the Yale DRP. I have led projects on the following topics with the following people:

  • Braid groups (Spring 2020)
    Quinn Crawford, Dawit Mengesha, Rajiv Nelakanti, and Akiva Weinberger
  • Riemann surfaces and dessins d’enfants (Spring 2019)
    Alex Cohen and Zach Effman
  • An introduction to geometric group theory (Fall 2018)
    Jack Brownrigg and Sonali Durham